ABOUT SoliDesign, LLC., 3d printing solutions

SoliDesign, LLC. is an innovative 3d printing product development company located in Danbury, CT and we work with clients worldwide. Our mechanical engineers and product designers have direct experience with precision sheet metal, machining and plastic injection molding. With practical experience in these various trades, we have the ability to create a product that can be manufactured anywhere. Our adherence to a “Design For Manufacturing” or “DFM” framework puts your product immediately on the right path.


We maintain relationships with many professional manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad, including precision sheet metal contractors, plastic injection contractors & contract manufacturers. This ensures a seamless and prompt transition to prototyping, production and delivery throughout CT, NY, NJ, MA, Long Island.



PH:  475.329.0777


Shelter Rock Business Center

22 Shelter Rock Lane, Suite 45

Danbury, CT 06810